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Village of Pigi in Crete

The village of Pigi is situated 9 km east of the city of Rethymno and just 2km from the villa Maroulas, on the road to the monastery of Arkadi The name of the village comes from a rich source that supplies all around with excellent water In the village, there are many churches and chapels and good tavern as Maroulas The food and atmosphere at Zorba's tavern in the center of the village is really great Pigi is being occupied from the Venetian period onwards, now you can find many vacation rentals and small new house to rent for holiday.

pigi in crete pigi village in crete


Villa Maroulas Luxury Holiday Home Near Rethymno in Crete

Rethymnon has a rich and varied history that spans thousands of years. there are traces of a civilisation that dates back 4,500 years, numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries, The beach of Rethymno is 17 km long, the water is shallow, so it's great for kids. The beach starts from the historical city center and extends to the Eastern part of the isle reaching Scaleta The Villa Maroulas, Holiday home is situaded just in the midle of the coast in 3 km on the Hill in the village of Maroulas.

rethymnon crete rethymnon rentals crete


Private trip to the highest mountain of Crete

The White Mountains or Lefka Ori occupy a good part of the centre of West Crete lying at an altitude of 1800m and are the main feature of the island The Psiloritis is the highest mountain of Crete: 2456m, just 3 m higher than Pachnes, the higher summit of Lefka Ori. There are 5 summits in Psiloritis and 4-5 different way to the summit The time you will need to go there depends on how fit you are; it varies from 3-6 hours to the top and 2-4 hours back.The view from the top of the white montain is really spectacular. We can arrange a private trip from the Villa Maroulas during your holiday in Crete.

montain of crete


Water parks on Crete

There are 4 main Water parks on the island of Crete, Asqua Plus is the biggest and most popular one. Acqua Plus offers during your holiday a variety of extreme water slides more than 50 and special playgrounds for kids, also the Watercity located in Anopolis, Pediados Heraklion Crete has fully trained lifeguards at all slides and stations around the park for the safety and protection of all gest. Acqua Plus in Crete was the first to put in to action the cashless bracelet technology with a tailor made system that is more sophisticated than any other water park in the world !!!

Crete wather parks wather parks in Crete


Horse riding in Crete

We invite you to enjoy peaceful horse and pony riding Meet the Cretans and feel their honest and warm hospitality. Stay in the comfort of the Villa Maroulas, and If you don't know any horse riding, no problem. Zoraida Horse Riding or Alianthos Stables gives riding lessons for children and adults, beginners as well as more advanced. We also offer fascinating naturewalks, beautiful beach rides, Magic mini-safaris , and more in a safe environment during your holiday in Crete. We are looking forward to join us in an unforgettable horse or donkey riding in Crete

horse riding in Crete Crete horse riding


Wedding in Crete

The Island of the Sun Weddings is Crete Celebrate The Best Momens Of Your Life In The Most Romantic Place On Earth. The Island of the Sun Weddings is Crete The best wedding planning company that offers wedding packages in Crete is - Best Moments -. Best Moments weddings propose an infinite number of ways to enjoy your time celebrating Close your eyes and imagine !!!

wedding in crete crete wedding


Visiting the Monastery of Arkadi

Crete's monastic heritage is colossal and reflects the passion with which the Cretans have celebrated their Orthodoxy for over 1600 years. Almost 97% of the inhabitants of Crete belong to the Greek Orthodox religion. By the 16th century Arkadi was already established as an essential cultural and monastic centre. There is a museum displaying many object and items of historic interest including icons and relics from the time of the Turkish attack period. Arkadi Monastery is around 23 kilometres from Rethymno and 14 km from our vacation house in Crete, Villa Maroulas.

arkadi monastery crete arkadi monastery rethymno


During the Venetian period in Crete

The Venetian occupation lasted for 450 years The Venetians took part in the 1363 rebellion against the imposition of taxes and the privileges demanded by Venice.The award of Crete to Venice decreed by Baldwin, first Emperor of the Latin Empire, did not have practical effects until the Venetians defeated Enrico Pescatore, a Genoese corsair, who controlled the island.The most important exported products of Crete were the wine, the olive oil, the cheese.

crete venetian periode venetian period in Crete


Wine tasting in Crete during holidays

I find the Lyrarakis Winery the best of all. A family winery active in the production of quality wines since 1966. Twenty one percent of the Greek wine production comes from the island of Crete. The vineyard in Crete has a area of approx 51.000 hectares learn about the wine production in Crete and taste wines in or Villa Maroulas vacation rentals. Also we can organise wine testing in many wineries for our guest during their holiday.

Wine tasting in Crete Crete wine tastings


Veneto restaurant in Rethymnon Crete

Perfectly situated in the heart of Rethymno’s old town, only a three-minute walking distance from the commercial area,, this 14th-century Venetian manor house offers beautiful rooms with original features along with free internet access. This unique restaurant propose a excellent Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, you may find one of the most updated wine lists of Crete Veneto Restaurant in Rethymno organizes also events for 100 persons, as well as cooking courses on Cretan cuisine in groups of 8-12 person and wine tastings. Guest of Villa Maroulas are always vip wellcome.

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Beaches of Crete island

Located between the southern side of Aegean Sea and the northern side of the Libyan Sea, Crete gets very popular island for it's beaches. The sheer size of the island means that there is plenty of choice of shore. In the summer, the sea in Crete is warm and swimming is always fantastic. The water temperature is 20 C in the end of April, rising to 26-27 C in the beginning of July and gradually falling back to 20 C in November. Even in winter the water temperature does not fall below 16 degrees, so you can swim in wonderful beach with crystalin wather in Crete all year round.

beaches of crete


Car rental in Crete

Book and save on your Crete car hire through Villa Maroulas, Crete holiday house!!!! As our guest had many troubles with local unscrupulous rent a cars agencies (delays, empty shells, bad equipment, ...), we specialy negociated car rentals solutions for every kind of situation.with an agency in Heraklio or Chania Airport, and we can propose you very good prices...

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Trip to Ligres beach from Villa Maroulas

Ligres is located 51km south of Rethymno and 7km south of the small village of Kerames, on the way to Triopetra The beach is not organized, but there are some local taverns and few traditional rent rooms or vacation rentals on the west coast of the beach with a stunning rock formations we propose you during your holidays in Crete to visit this place. Is one of my favourite beaches in Crete.

ligres beach in crete crete ligres beach


Sailing in Crete during your holidays at the Villa Maroulas

Crete is a spectacular island with lots of spots to sailing. For that we organize a day trip during your holiday in Crete The sailing day trip starts from Chania old harbor at 10 o’ clock in the morning and we are directing to lovely beaches and beautiful islands in the bay of Chania and during your sailing trip The skipper Nikos is preparing for you an organic Greek salad, traditional pies, drinks and many other thing to eat a magic day in perspective..

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Trip to Triopetra beach with yoga courses

Triopetra is considered as one of the best beaches in southern Crete, and is also well-known for the yoga courses. The beach is long and sandy and there is a small river, with fresh water very clear all year round. The east part of the beach is organized with a few traditional taverns, holiday house and umbrellas.The beach of Triopetra is situated approximately 50 km south of the city of Rethymnon. You will enjoy the crystal clear blue water

triopetra beach holiday holiday house in triopetra


Holiday house in Crete the Cretaquarium

The Thalassocosmos in Crete is one of Europe’s largest aquariums. There are one hundred observation points for quest to wath more than 2,500 Mediterranean and tropical organisms. Come face to face to understand how the Mediterranean marine ecosystem functions and is structured. The Cretaquarium covers an area of 60 hectares and is open 365 days a year, including all public holidays. in our holiday house in Crete we will give you more and more place to visit !!!

holiday house in crete Thalassocosmos holiday house in crete Cretaquarium


Olive oil from Crete

Olive trees have always been related to the Mediterranean situation, but In Crete there are millions of olive trees and also Crete is famous for its thousand year old tradition, The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced directly from olives harvested and olive oil is the backbone of the healthiest diet in the world The region in north-west Crete is international known for high quality olive oil In our holiday home villa Maroulas we selected for you several kind of olive oil We invite you to taste it

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Learn how to play Komboloi during your holiday

Discover a unique way to relax with Greek Worry Beads made of natural amber or other organic materials. Amber, is fossil tree sap, resin, of very ancient trees. it formed about 60 Million years ago The number of beads of a komboloi is 33 which some persone believe signifies the number of years Jesus lived on earth. Yorghy the owner of the Villa Maroulas in Crete will show you how to play whith Komboloi !!! It is also the sound of the music i make, mystic melodies of the sea from my coral beads, or the whisper of amber...

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Goat of Crete

The Kri-kri, with specified name as Agrimi, or Cretan goat is a large ungulate native to the Eastern Mediterranean, now present only on the island of Crete. They have a black line on the back, which extends from the neck to the top of the tail while at its shoulders the line meet with another one that reaches the stomach. There are also black motif on the front parts of their legs. Lives in secluded hollows on the mountainside.There are only about 2500 animals remaining on the entire island of Crete and they face an uncertain future. During your holidays in Crete you will probably see some in the village of Samaria, as they often approach the houses just outside the village.

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Flowers of Crete

Crete From coast to mountain is a feast for the senses The island has around 2000 species of flowers. A large numbers of these are endemic, with 10% prosper only in the island of Crete and nowhere else in the world. If you need to know more about Cretan flowers, the appropriately book is «Flowers of Crete " by John Fielding & Nicholas Turland Kew Editions. Also in the library of our holiday villa rentals you can find various books regarding flowers of Crete.

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Visit the Dikteon cave during your holiday in Villa Maroulas

The Greek Speleological Society has recorded over 3.000 caves in Crete Hidden in huge rocks or in mountains, many of them are also of great scientific value and are a patchwork of myth, history and natural beauty The impressive and magnificent Dikteon Cave, whith alot of stalagmites and stalactites, that Zeus was born according to mythology. This is why the Dikteon Cave was already famous in antiquity. The archaeological finds to date have shown uninterrupted human presence in the Dikteon Cave from the end of the Neolithic period.must to be visited during your holiday in Crete.

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New photos of the Maroulas village

The village's skyline in front of the Ida mountains.this quiet village at an altitude of 240 meters Maroulas is a typical example of a picturesque medieval village Situated on a slope above the bay of Rethymnon The view over the olive grove up until the see and the city of Rethymnon is truly amazing Most buildings date back to the Venetian period like the Villa Maroulas classified as a historical monument by the Greek Archeological authorities. Also two cemeteries of the palatial period of Minoan period have been revealed in the area During the Venetian invasion the middle class houses of the village were used as second homes or agricultural warehouses by the nobility of Rethymnon.

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Winther in Crete

In Crete it is the tradition to exchange gifts on the New Year instead of Christmas People play cards and roll dice in coffeehouses and at homes, because Greeks consider the New Year as a lucky day. Apart from several tourist resorts, nothing closes in the winter. The island awaits you every time of the year. Crete has a variety of micro-climates in january depending on which part of the island you choose to visit. Winter holidays on Crete offers many possibilities of lovely places. We offer several opportunities for a different kind of holiday in the Villa Maroulas, that you will not find through other vacation rentals

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Cretan Graviera cheese

Cretan Graviera is a hard cheese with a light taste and is one of the most popular cheeses in Crete after the Feta cheese High in protein the Graviera is produced with sheep milk, or sheep milk with little of goat milk The colour is white to light yellowish. Occasionally this cheese have small holes inside It takes its name from the Swiss city Gkrygier but not to be confused with the Swiss cheese gruyère There are various types of Graviera produced in Crete It can be used as a table cheese or grate with black pepper on your pasta for added flavor Graviera chees is ripened for at least for 5 months and is a high quality hard cheese of propionic fermentation Near the village of Maroulas in the super market "Manos" you can find many kind of good Gaviera cheese

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